not for hire 

My name is Brad Arnett.  I am a QA Engineer who fondly counts programming and electronics in my hobbies.  I also dabble in beer brewing and baking, and have a passing interest in photography.  I started this site to catalog projects I'm working on, and provide additional value to others on the off chance that anything here is accidentally insightful.

The name choice of Not For Hire stems from the excellent Riverworld Saga written by Phillip Jose Farmer.  In it, all humans who died are resurrected on an alien world where they cannot die.  The stories mostly follow Samuel Clemens as he tries to discover what is behind their resurrection.  He builds a steamship that he names "Not For Hire", with the intent being to broadcast to the other inhabitants of the world that the ship operates for no man, save himself.  In the same spirit, I operate this site, and will never put ads, banners, causes, or announcements except for those I personally support, and without any monetary gain to myself.